About – Sterling Issuer Services

Thank you for inquiring about Sterling Issuer Services.  We welcome the opportunity to provide you some additional information about our firm. Sterling Issuer Services is a division of Sterling Investment Services.

What We Do:

We provide our clients with the services that allow them to comply with a variety of state and federal regulations concerning their business filing and reporting requirements.

Our primary services include SEC Filings (Edgarization and XBRL tagging), Financial Printing and Mailing services, Proxy Voting and Solicitation services, as well as Registered Agent Services.

Who Are Our Clients:

Our clients are both privately held and publicly traded corporations, as well as investors and other participants in the capital markets.

Our Goals:

The mission of Sterling Issuer Services is to provide companies and their investors with cost effective solutions to their needs in a manner that allows them to focus on the important tasks of running their business.

We understand that this is first and foremost a service industry, and the quality of service that we provide is of the utmost importance.  Our goal is to provide high quality service and develop long-term, lasting relationships with our clients.

We would be pleased to offer our services to your firm.

Please feel free to contact our offices to see how we may be of service.


We are located in metro Atlanta, approximately 2 miles from the new home of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).